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Self-service recovery using snapshots

  • Computerome 2.0 provides a self-service snapshot recovery option for all data in the storage, which enables users to recover individual files or whole directory structures that were deleted in the last four weeks.
  • Computerome 2.0 does not provide cold storage services for retired projects. It is the group owner’s responsibility to inform Computerome 2.0 regarding the project end, and ensure that retired data is removed from Computerome 2.0 storage.  

To use the self-service snapshot recovery option, the user should go to the directory that used to contain the deleted files, and change to the hidden .snapshot directory where a number of timestamped subdirectories are found:

$ cd oops_I_deleted_something
$ cd .snapshot
$ ls -l
drwx------ 38 <myaccount> <mygroup> 1490 Sep 23 14:32 daily_2020.09.23_23:45
drwx------ 38 <myaccount> <mygroup> 1490 Sep 24 13:04 daily_2020.09.24_23:45
drwx------ 38 <myaccount> <mygroup> 1490 Sep 24 13:04 hourly_2020.09.25_06:00
drwx------ 38 <myaccount> <mygroup> 1490 Sep 24 13:04 hourly_2020.09.25_07:00
drwx------ 36 <myaccount> <mygroup> 1471 Sep 10 07:32 weekly_2020.09.11_23:45
drwx------ 37 <myaccount> <mygroup> 1464 Sep 17 08:42 weekly_2020.09.18_23:45

The user should then go to the subdirectory that contained the deleted files or directories before the time of deletion. The deleted files or directories can then be recovered using the cp command.

No Archiving

Computerome does not provide long-term data archiving.