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Some commands only work for privileged accounts. Please contact Computerome support if you need to run these.

Canceling a given job:

Cancel job

$ mjobctl -c <jobid>
$ canceljob <jobid>

Force cancel job - try this if regular cancel fails

$ mjobctl -F <jobid>

Canceling all jobs of a given user (privileged command):

# mjobctl -c -w user=<someuser>

Re-queue a job (privileged command):

# mjobctl -R <jobex>

Change walltime (privileged command):

Changing the wallclock limit of a job by 10 hours 11 minutes and 12 seconds (request Computerome Support in good time to extend walltime for running job):

# mjobctl -m wclimit+=10:11:12 <jobex>

<jobex> is a regex(7) regular expression preceeded by x: e.g. "x:abc12[0-9]"

Get status if fair-share:

$ diagnose -f

Check resource usage of completed job (privileged command):

# tracejob -v <jobid>

Check job status:

$ checkjob -v <jobid>

Check when job will run:

$ showstart <jobid>