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In order to get access to your cloud you have to login to an environment called Horizon and it is deployed by VMWare. You can either login to your cloud through Horizon's web interface or Horizon software which you can download and install on your computer:

Instructions of opening the web interface and downloading and installing the software on your computer:

Horizon Web Interface on Computerome 2.0 Secure Private Cloud:

Please open with a browser on your computer and you will see the below page:

If you click on "VMWare Horizon HTML Access" you will see a web page like below:

You have received a welcome email and SMS which contain your username and password to Horizon and you can use them an login to this website. Once you enter your credentials, you will see a page like the following pictures: 

The login process to Secure Private Cloud on Computerome2.0 has 2 Factor Authentication so if you do not activate your Entrust specifically for your Horizon account you will receive an SMS as the second factor authenticator each time you try to login. In order to activate your Entrust second factor push notification please refer to:

Two-factor authentication

If you do not have Entrust activated you will see the below picture:

This means that you will receive a code via SMS on your phone in several seconds and you should enter that code in the box in less than 30 seconds otherwise you will have to login again.

If you have Entrust activated on your smart phone, after entering your username and password you will see the following page:

which means in several seconds you will receive a push notification on your Entrust application on your smart phone and if you confirm it in less than 30 seconds you will see your jumphosts, otherwise you will have to login again.

After approving your credentials by our 2 factor authentication you will see the below page which shows your 2 Virtual Desktops, one of them is COS-<your cloud number> and another one is W10-<your cloud number>, COS is a CentOS virtual desktop and W10 is Windows 10 virtual desktop and you will have the same access from both of them so it is really depend on you which OS you work easier with.

If you double click on each of them you will be redirected into your virtual desktop which we will be explaining if after the instructions of Horizon application on your computer as after this step you will have the same experience on both web interface and Horizon application.

If you are a member of more than one cloud you will see more CentOS and and Windows machines depending on how many clouds you are a member of.

Horizon software on Computerome 2.0 Secure Private Cloud:

On your first visit on  if you click on "Install VMWare Horizon Client" you will download the software and then you can install it either on MacOS, Windows or Linux:

After installing the software you will see the below picture if you open it:

After clicking on the Add Server button the following window will be opened:

You enter in the box and click on the "Connect" button and then you will need to enter your credentials in the below windows:

When you click on the login button after entering your username and password, if you do not have Entrust activated on your phone you will see the below windows and you should enter the SMS code that you have received on your phone in the box:

You will have to enter the code in 30 seconds otherwise you will have to login again.

If you have Entrust activated on your phone you will see the below window and it means you have 30 seconds to confirm the push notification that you have received on your Entrust app on your smartphone:

  • on Windows:


  • on MacOS:


At this step you will see the list the Virtual Desktops that you have access to:

After this step actually it does not matter whether you are on web interface or the software because you will have the same experience, so if you open the COS machine you will see a CentOS Desktop:

You can always use all the applications that are installed on the Virtual Desktop but you should know that these Virtual Desktops are only jumphosts to redirect to your cloud and you should not save any important data on the these machines. So you should just open a terminal on your CentOS machine and enter the following command:

ssh -X <username>@<Cloud number>-login 

Note : this username is not necessarily the same username as you have for Horizon, because Horizon account are being created by Computerome admins and the cloud accounts depend on the contract that the cloud owner has with Computerome and can be created either by Computerome admins or your cloud admins. You will be informed about this on the welcome email. You will also be informed about the <Cloud number> in the welcome email.

After entering your cloud password which will be sent you by either Computerome or the cloud admins depends on the contract, you will be inside your cloud and you can start to use your cloud depend on what services you have inside the cloud.

On Windows machines it is the same idea, but instead of terminal you will have MobaXterm and then enter the same command:

The notes that you should know when you are using Horizon on Secure Private Cloud:

  1. Currently there is a possibility of having 8 concurrent sessions on Horizon at the same time for each cloud. This means if there are 8 users connected to Horizon using your cloud, the 9th person should wait until one the other users log out. You can close Horizon in two ways - logout or disconnect. When you disconnect you are actually not closing your session and if you open your Horizon again before 2 weeks you will get into the same session that you had with all your windows open. But if you leave your session disconnected for 2 weeks then the system will forcibly logout your session in order to  make the machine available for the others.
  2. If you logout instead of disconnect means that you do not need your session so the system will close your session and remove everything that you had on the machine and make it ready for the next user. The same happens if the system forcibly logs your session out after not being active for two weeks.
  3. If you leave your Horizon open for 5 minutes without any activities, Horizon will lock you virtual desktop's screen and when you are back you have to enter your Horizon's password to unlock the screen.
  4. If for any reasons Horizon did not redirect you to the virtual desktop you can manually enter your Horizon's username and password and login to the virtual desktop.

Please contact if you have any questions.

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