Roles and Responsibilities

Access to Computerome 2.0 is granted as a part of the agreement between DTU and a CUSTOMER, and is structured in groups and group members who share a scientific purpose. A CUSTOMER can have one or several groups within the same agreement, managed by following roles and responsibilities on a daily basis:

…and the following permissions:

User Accounts

The above roles can obtain a user account in Computerome 2.0 and shall adhere to the following rules:

Acknowledgement to Computerome

Personal Data

Computerome acts as data processor in relation to processing data for the CUSTOMER, and the CUSTOMER acts as the data controller. Hence, the users and data subjects shall contact their legal group owner or DPO in their organisation, who is the competent entity to process queries regarding the data subjects’ rights, or answer questions related to GDPR.

DTU users shall contact their legal or technical group owners, who then can contact Computerome for GDPR-related queries.


Limitations of Service

Software Licensing and User Support

Regular Scheduled Maintenance